Guardians of the Galaxy 2

You Should See the Film Guardians of the Galaxy 2:

  • If you enjoyed the first film(obviously). In the second one all of your favorite guardian characters are back, and each character gets more screen time and added depth to their back story
  • For the reminder that superhero films are not for children anymore (language, violence, and suggestive material). It can be argued that the first Guardians started this trend in 2014, where superhero films are making themselves edgier (Deadpool, Logan, etc.)
  • For Kurt Russell and his screen time. His role is great in this film and adds a plot twist
  • For a superhero film that doesn’t take itself too serious. In serious moments, and moments that may seem too familiar to the typical superhero tropes, Guardians stays grounded with its funny dialogue and talented delivery by the cast
  • To say “awwww” fifty times, or at least here audience members say “awwww” fifty times over Baby Groot, the most adorable superhero character ever
  • For a mixture between a blockbuster film and a sitcom(which is my best description of this movie)
  • For another film which had special effects throw up all over it, but in a good way. The visuals on this film were beautiful, mesmerizing, and mostly necessary when you have a space film. Although there are so many special effects it is hard to catch all of the details in just the first viewing
  • For a whole bunch of characters in the Galaxy, which may have you thinking to yourself who are you, how do you relate to this plot, what is your name again, and why are you gold…
  • For James Gunn’s directing style and ability to somehow tie this whole plot line, characters, special effects, and soundtrack into an enjoyable, and funny, film



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