Cabana Cafe at The Beverly Hills Hotel


Iconic and photogenic, the Cabana Cafe, located at The Beverly Hills Hotel, is way more adorable than I expected it to be. One of my favorite things to do is to eat at hotel restaurants, even if I am not staying at the particular hotel. This way you can discover different hotels and try out their restaurants, even if you are not staying at that particular hotel.

Of course The Beverly Hills Hotel is popular in its own right, but most people at the Cabana Cafe came just to visit and eat on the property. The Polo Lounge, which is a more classic restaurant upstairs at the hotel, steals a lot of the limelight. The Cabana Cafe is a much more casual eatery, as it is located right next to pool, but it definitely has charm.

The decor is what makes it so adorable with lots of pink, palm trees, and patterned umbrellas. Of course getting to the cafe is part of the fun as you walk in through the front of the hotel, down a set of stairs indoors, through their decorated hall, and outside past the palm trees and other plants on the property.

Now since the hotel is known for its service and upscale price, they like to emphasize their valet parking. This means you may call the concierge desk and they insist they only offer valet parking. After visiting the hotel a handful of times I have learned that they do have a very small section for self-park. It cannot hurt to try to park for free and then have to drive back around to do valet parking if it is full. If you decide to valet park, it is discounted if you are just eating at one of their restaurants.

The food was good, but the trip to the Cabana Cafe is really worth it for the Beverly Hills ambience.


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