You Should See the Film Colossal:

  • If you are looking for a film mixed between an Indie film and a hint of a big budget SciFi/Thriller(it sounds like an interesting combination but it somehow works)
  • Just for Anne Hathaway’s strong leading performance. Anne Hathaway definitely has a wide acting range and this is another new character she can add to her list
  • For Jason Sudeikis’s surprising, and in a way breakout performance. Jason Sudeikis is obviously talented and well known, but his character takes some surprising turns in the film and this feels like a new side to Sudeikis’s acting abilities
  • For the small town feel and genuine heart that pops up in the film(even though, yes, it still is about giant monsters)
  • For the tonal shifts that sound strange on paper, but work on screen(I mean how does a small, typical town and Seoul South Korea connect with each other)
  • For the character arch of Anne Hathaway’s character Gloria, which the audience can relate to(even though it is still somehow the same film about monsters)

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