You Should See The Film Life:

  • If you would enjoy space horror films. Life is set on a spaceship, in space, with a space crew in fear of a space creature.
  • If you can handle space gore. Even though it is classified as a horror film, I would really consider it more of a thriller with some violence. There is an established story, characters, a little bit of cursing, and honestly the gore is not that bad in comparison to other rater R horror films. The violence is never overtly done and the film puts you on the edge of your seat more than making you pee your pants.
  • If you are tired of space movies taking place too much in space and really just want to see a space movie that basically takes place in the same four rooms of a space ship. Who really wants to see the planet Mars when you can see the inside of the same industrial laboratory over and over again? It reminds me of one of those escape rooms gone wrong, where the theme is “space ship”.
  • If you like more realistic space films(which of course adds to the creepiness of this horror film being somewhat plausible). Although I am no Neil de Grasse Tyson, so do not quote me on the film’s accuracy.

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