Salt & Straw



While Salt & Straw is originally based in Portland, Oregon, it really fits in with the LA foodie crowd. There are currently four locations in Portland, five locations in Los Angeles, and “coming soon” locations in San Francisco.

Salt & Straw is primarily a gourmet ice cream shop. I definitely think the ice cream tastes like it is made with quality primary ingredients and a few of the flavors seem unique, while most of the flavors are decadent. Some of the flavors change based on the store location and season, and I tried almond brittle with salted ganache(good although seemed a little too decadent), sea salt with caramel ribbons(which seemed too salty), and decided on a scoop of salted malted chocolate chip cookie dough(amazing!).

One scoop of ice cream was definitely enough and Salt & Straw has some of the largest waffle cones I have ever had with my ice cream. If you are not a fan of overpriced food then Salt & Straw is probably not for you, as $5.00 is pretty hefty for a scoop of ice cream. The store also offers a kids size and a split scoop, where you can get half of one flavor and half of another. For the LA Arts district storefront you will most likely be paying for parking, unless you have patience and luck, and get a free parking spot on the street.


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