LA’s Arts District


When driving around the Arts District you will go from one street that looks sad and abandoned to a street filled with new apartment buildings and young families. The area is in a sort of restoration period. This can be seen throughout downtown LA as a whole, from abandoned old buildings, to the growing financial district, to the insurgence of millennials who are opening startups and reinventing the foodie scene.

Within the LA Arts District you will find many companies, restaurants, and of course art, housed in the area. If you are not into interesting food, overpriced food, or a combination of the two, then you will probably not be fond of the restaurants here. To really enjoy the food in the Arts District you should have an open mind and an open wallet. There is also plenty of art to see, from a combination of murals, installations, and graffiti scattered throughout the streets.

One of the best areas in the Arts District, where you can find most of the good restaurants and street art, is between E 3rd street and Traction Avenue. Parking is also very frustrating and you will most likely be spending money parking in a lot, unless you get really lucky with the timing.


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