Greystone Mansion



Things To Know About The Greystone Mansion:

  • The Greystone Mansion is a beautiful estate situated in Beverly Hills, California. The interior mansion itself is usually off limits to the public, but the exterior and the grounds are free of charge and open daily.
  • The grounds, and interior of the mansion, are available for weddings and other events. This means that parts of the grounds may be inaccessible due to scheduled events, so you may want to double check ahead of time or just be prepared for the possibility of partial closures.
  • The grounds are beautiful and would be a great backdrop for a wedding or for engagement, family, graduation, etc. photos.
  • Walking around the Greystone Mansion is not exactly a strenuous hike, but there are lots of stairs, uneven paths, and steep hills that might be difficult to walk across for some people.
  • After living in Los Angeles and dealing with the difficulties and costs of parking, the parking at the Greystone Mansion is one of the best parts about visiting it. When approaching the Greystone Mansion you will be driving through some very pretty streets in Beverly Hills. Then, you will drive up a hill until you find a wonderfully spacious parking lot. As a reminder, parking and visiting the grounds are completely free.
  • The grounds, mansion, and views from Greystone are worth the visit.


Photos taken from a visit to the Greystone Mansion:


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