Talking As Fast As I Can By Lauren Graham


While I ordered Lauren Graham’s autobiography, Talking As Fast As I Can, when it was released back in November, I held out on reading the book until I completely finished watching every episode of Gilmore Girls from season one until the revival on Netflix.

You Should Read Talking As Fast I Can:

  • If you want to see the similarities between Lauren Graham and one of her most well-known characters. You may start to think that Lauren Graham and Lorelai Gilmore may actually be the same person. Just based on Lauren Graham’s witty writing and how she seamlessly makes pop-culture references, you will begin to wonder where the two women start and end
  • If you want to read about Lauren Graham’s childhood
  • If you are looking to learn “Top Secret Hollywood Tips” on health, beauty, and working out
  • If you would like to know more about how Lauren became interested in acting and her acting tips she learned in college
  • If you would like to read about the challenge of being single without children as a woman who faces expectations of being married with children
  • If you would like to follow Lauren Graham as she recalls memories from filming the first seven seasons of Gilmore Girls
  • If you would like to know her favorite things about working on the television show Parenthood
  • If you’ve seen each season of Gilmore Girls and the Netflix revival, or at least do not care that there are many Gilmore Girls spoilers
  • If you would like to read through Lauren Graham’s diary she kept while filming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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