Los Angeles County Museum of Art


I finally visited LACMA, aka one of the most popular Instagram locations in Los Angeles thanks to the art installation above. This was my first time to LACMA, after hearing about it from every other person that lives or has visited Los Angeles, and I really enjoyed myself.

Things To Know About The Los Angeles County Museum of Art:

  • LACMA is an art museum, as noted in its name. The museum is technically made up of multiple art museums into one. The light installation pictured above, titled “Urban Light” is outside as well as a few other outdoor installations and the sculpture garden. Then there are seven buildings filled with a variety of art, from what I counted. One of the buildings is called the Broad Contemporary Art Museum, which should not be confused with the Broad, a different contemporary art museum in Los Angeles.
  • LACMA is located in between Beverly Hills and Downtown LA. It is included in the Miracle Mile near the automotive museum and La Brea Tar Pits. Also, the area feels safe to walk around and seems like an awesome place to explore.
  • The regular ticket price gets you into all of the buildings and most of the exhibits within them. However, there are certain exhibits that require an extra ticket purchase. If you plan on seeing a specific exhibit during your visit to LACMA, I would recommend purchasing the ticket online ahead of time, as the number of tickets for exhibits are limited per day.
  • LACMA has an underground parking garage that is convenient for getting to the museum. I did find parking to be expensive, especially when you are already paying an average ticket price to get into the art museum. You could end up spending a lot of money for museum tickets, exhibit tickets, lunch, and parking by the end of your visit.
  • There are multiple options for food at LACMA. There are a couple of eateries near the ticket desk and then as you walk further through the museum, you will find another restaurant or two and some cafes with coffee and snacks.
  • I am not an art expert, but coming from someone who enjoys art museums and traveling I felt that LACMA was around average when compared to other art museums. I was surprised at how large the museum is and how much art you could see(I definitely couldn’t fit everything in one afternoon). On the other hand, it was not quite what I expected. From what I had heard and seen , I definitely thought this would be a purely contemporary museum. I was not blown away by all of the art that I saw, but I did have some favorites and I am glad I visited.


The following photos include shots of the grounds of LACMA, including art within the various buildings, installations outside, the restaurants and shops, my ticket and map, and views from the top floor of the museum:


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