The Second City Improv All-Stars


When I originally purchased tickets for the show “The Second City Improv All-Stars”, I was a little thrown off that the show would take place at the Up Comedy Club. I was at first confused about why a Second City show was being held not at Second City, and I had never heard of Up Comedy Club before. Then I discovered that Up Comedy Club is a part of Second City and that they are located in the same place.

Things To Know About Second City Allstars:

  • Second City in Chicago is located at a place called Piper’s Alley. Up Comedy Club is an additional venue at Piper’s Alley where Second City holds improv shows, stand-up, and sketch shows.
  • There is a restaurant inside Piper’s Alley, right next to the main stage at Second City. The menu is limited to small plates and is more focused on the bar, so if you are looking for a proper meal before or after the show, I would suggest walking across the street and exploring Old Town. Old Town is a great place in Chicago to find shops and a variety of popular restaurants.
  • Another option for food can be found inside the Up Comedy Club itself. They have plenty of food options, however most of the seats have small tables that are shared with multiple attendees, which makes it difficult to place your food down.
  • When you purchase the tickets there is an option to pay a little extra to sit at the long bar seats in the middle of the venue. This would give you more space to actually eat a meal and this supposedly has the best view for the show. If you do not pay extra for the reserved tickets than you are placed randomly when you arrive to the show, so if you arrive earlier you have a better chance of choosing a better seat.
  • The “Second City Improv Allstars” show is great. It features Second City cast members, there were five performers, and they performed mostly short form improv for an hour. I was entertained, and of course laughing, for the entire hour.

The photos below include shots of the restaurant/bar in Piper’s Alley, the quotes and photos of Second City’s most famous past performers, and the front of the Up Comedy Club:

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