Portillo’s Restaurant


Known for their popular Cake Shake, Portillo’s is a classic Chicago-area favorite.

You can find a few Portillo’s restaurants outside of Chicago, including two in California and Arizona, and one location in Wisconsin and Indiana. However there are forty Portillo’s restaurants in Illinois and it has become a neighborhood classic for those living in the Chicago area.

You can never doubt the popularity of Portillo’s in the Chicago area as the restaurant would win any contestant titled “Restaurant with the Busiest Drive-Thru”. Every time I have passed a Portillo’s, no matter the location, the drive-thru line has always been insane. It is so long that Portillo’s employs people to walk up to cars and take orders, as only having one place to give your order in their drive-thru would take too long to accommodate the number of customers.

Portillo’s has a long list of food items from pasta and salads to hot dogs and burgers. I personally love their burgers, the chopped salad, their shakes, and chocolate cake. Portillo’s is specifically known for  their chocolate cake shake. I am not personally a huge fan of the cake shake due to the texture of the pieces of cake within the shake, but it is extremely popular and most people love it.



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