Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding


Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is an interactive comedy show that started in New York in the late 1980s. Currently the show is being performed in Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. The show can definitely change depending on where you view the performance and who is acting as the current performers for the night.

The show plays out like an actual wedding, and I would totally recommend Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding to anyone that really loves attending weddings. It started off at a beautiful church. As soon as you walk into the church, the show begins. One of the complaints I have is that I first could not tell who was part of the show and who was just a guest, but maybe that is done on purpose. None of the characters wear mics so you might miss a lot of the jokes, but luckily I sat next to a particularly funny cast member and I enjoyed the ceremony.

Here is a photo of the outside of the church:


I saw Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding in Chicago. The reception is held at Chicago Theater Works and is a couple of blocks over from the church. There is a trolley available, however depending on the number of people that attend the show, there might not be room for everybody to take it. The walk may not be too bad on a day with good weather, however it can be a brutal walk during the winter season in Chicago. Chicago Theater Works provides parking passes on its site, but keep in mind that the parking lot is further from the theater than the church is.

The reception includes speeches, jokes, dramatic interactions between the actors, and dance performances. However, my table was stuck in the dark back corner which made it hard to see the performances and hear what the performers were saying.

Here is not the best photo from my table in the dark corner:


Food is included with the performance. All of the guests stand in two lines and salad, pasta, and mini slices of cake are put on your plate. I am not one to complain about food too much(I swear!) but I did not enjoy getting a scoop of salad that was more croutons than it was lettuce and getting a scoop of lukewarm pasta.  Also people were rushing back in line just to get seconds before they were all gone.If you want drinks besides just water, you have to buy them at the bar.

I would recommend attending the show with a group of friends, as the bigger groups appeared to have the most fun. There is dancing at the end of the reception where people from the audience are encouraged to participate with the cast, but people in bigger groups seemed more comfortable to participate. The youngest people I saw attending were probably teenagers, like maybe sixteen. There are a lot of inappropriate jokes and references so this may not be a show for children.


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