A Few Butter London Products



Butter London Nail Lacquer in “The Full Monty”


Butter London’s nail polish, or nail lacquer, has moved to the top of my list for my favorite nail brands. Whenever I look on Butter London’s website, I have to use a lot of self-control and not purchase every color available. Butter London offers a variety of colors. One of the things Butter London does so well, is that they try to create every version of a color. The nail polish goes on nails smoothly and the colors are very pigmented, so you could easily get away with only using one layer. My current favorite color is the one seen in the picture above, and I think it is a great New Year’s Eve polish.


Butter London Nail Tinted Moisturizer


I really love this nail tinted moisturizer. It definitely has a tint to it, so do not tr to paint it over a nail polish color, and it smooths out your nails while leaving a shine behind. I think this would be an especially great product for anyone who does not wear nail polish, or wear it regularly. A layer of this moisturizer leaves your nails shiny and stays on like a nail polish, so it will be shiny until your nails grow out. I love wearing nail polish on my nails all the time, so I have been currently using this product as a base and I still love it. It makes my nails stronger and prevents the polish from staining.


Butter London’s Nail Foundation Priming Basecoat


I would definitely recommend this as a basecoat as it prevents your nails from being stained and it helps your nail polish last longer. However, when I compare it to the Tinted Mositurizer from Butter London, I would choose the moisturizer over the basecoat. The foundation does smooth out your nails, but it does not leave a shiny layer behind, which is why I really like the tinted moisturizer.


Butter London’s Moisture Matte Lipstick in “Old Blighty”


When you first put on this lipstick, it does moisturize your lips. However, I have found that if you wear it all day, then it starts to dry out a bit. I now pair it up with lip balm and it still goes on smoothly with the same color, but then it does not dry out later in the day. This lipstick is great to use as more of a lip tint or to put on the full color, as there is a lot of pay off for the color but you could also use less pressure and build on it. It also lasts all day long.

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