La La Land

You have probably already heard all about La La Land, how it is a front-runner for award season, and that people are running to see the film. Well here is my reasons for why you might see La La Land.

You should see La La Land:

  • If you enjoy musicals because, you know, it’s a musical
  • If you think it’s a shame that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are not together in real life. From Crazy, Stupid, Love(one of my favorite films) to Gangster Squad(a movie I didn’t finish watching because I was so bored) to now La La Land, Emma and Ryan have now cemented themselves as an iconic on-screen couple
  • If you need to add a new soundtrack to your playlist. I have had most of the film’s songs stuck in my head and could not wait to download them all
  • If you are thirteen or older. The film is rated PG-13 and from what I can remember the film only used a swear word three or four times, but it doesn’t get any raunchier than that. There is singing and dancing, which could entertain children, but some of the plot points might be lost on younger viewers
  • If you like jazz music, since there is jazz music in the movie. If you do not like jazz music then this film will convince you to like jazz music(and director Damien Chazelle obviously has a thing for jazz music, as also seen in the film Whiplash)
  • If you are interested in seeing the new “modern musical”. Apparently the modern musical is a little cynical, a little rough around the edges, very witty, and definitely relatable
  • If you have ever thought that Los Angeles is always portrayed as a little too perfect in movies. La La Land gives you a more realistic view of living in LA and the struggle of trying to make it in Hollywood
  • If you ever wanted a movie to ruin some of the magic and show you what it takes to make a movie, while singing and dancing about it
  • If you didn’t think there were enough plot twists in 2016 and feel that you need to watch a film with a plot twist, because La La Land definitely ends with a plot twist(Can you tell I’m not over the plot twist?)




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