I discovered Enrou after the company’s CEO and co-founder spoke at a career conference on campus, at the University of Southern California. Enrou is an online website that sells a range of items including home goods, shoes, bags, and jewelry.  However, Enrou stands out as they describe themselves selling “socially conscious” gifts. Products sold on Enrou’s website are made by artisans around the world and provide them with the opportunity for dignified work and job training that might not be regularly available in their community. Also, part of the proceeds from Enrou’s products go to the brand’s partners that support communities in need with health education, financial coaching, and women empowerment. By purchasing an item off Enrou’s website, you can give back in two different ways.

Items from Enrou can also make a great gift as when you receive your purchase in an Enrou package, you also receive a card giving the name of the artisan that created the product, where they are from, how long they spent making it, and how your purchase is helping the community.

Besides the awesome way Enrou is helping make the world a better place, the hand crafted items are unique, some simplistic, some colorful, and overall beautifully designed. Here is a list of my favorites:




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