Seaport Village



Seaport Village was not originally scheduled into my San Diego itinerary, but I am glad I made a detour as it ended up being one of my favorite stops on the trip.

Things To Know About Seaport Village:

  • Seaport Village is about ten minutes away from the Gaslamp Quarter, about fifteen minutes from the San Diego Zoo, and right on the water across from Coronado.
  • Seaport Village technically has two different sections. There is Seaport Village, right along the water, and then The Headquarters at Seaport, which is an additional area with more shops and restaurants. The two places are right next to each other, and I originally thought they were the same place, but they just have different names.
  • Seaport Village has a bunch of great, unique shops. From clothing boutiques to California souvenirs, Seaside Village is the perfect place to find something to remind you of your trip or to find a great gift for someone. My favorite shops were the San Diego Surf Co., which sold really cute clothes, and the United Streets of Art, which sold posters, phone cases, bags, and more covered in really awesome designs.
  • For restaurants, you will find casual eateries, fast food, and plenty of sweet treats closer to the water while there are nicer sit down restaurants at The Headquarters.
  • I originally thought The Headquarters at Seaport and Seaport Village were the same thing as I used valet parking in front of The Headquarters, explored the shopping there first, and then walked through Seaport Village. There is a parking lot for Seaport Village, although I am not sure if they charge by the day or hour, and it was difficult to find an open spot which led to using valet parking. However, some of the restaurants at The Headquarters validate so you might get a better deal if you choose valet parking.
  • Seaport Village has really pretty views of the boats coming in and out of the marina, especially at sunset.
  • There are also a few tours that leave from Seaport Village, including the San Diego Seal Tour and the San Diego City Lights Night Tour.
  • Currently, Seaport Village is decorated for the holidays, has a Christmas shop that sells plenty of Christmas themed items, and is visited by a very interesting Santa Clause at select times.

The photos below include Seaport Village, views of the water, boats docked at Seaport Village, The Headquarters at Seaport, and a San Diego Santa Clause.

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