The Gaslamp Quarter


The Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego was on my list before I even set foot in the city, however I was a little disappointed after visiting. The Gaslamp Quarter is a section in the downtown area of San Diego, near the marina, San Diego Convention Center, and across from Coronado. It is described as a historical neighborhood lined with restaurants, shops, and entertainment. Now I only visited during the day, I have a feeling the Gaslamp Quarter at night might be a little more lively, but I anticipated spending all day and night in the Gaslamp Quarter but was so bored that I left early.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from within this block, so I would definitely make the trip back just to try a new restaurant as there were many that looked interesting, fun, and like they offered great food. Besides eating at a restaurant, there are some shops scattered throughout the neighborhood and a mall you can check out. The San Diego Convention Center is found near the end of the neighborhood and if you walk up the stairs on the outside of the convention center you will find a great view of Coronado, which is right across the water. I would not exactly recommend the Gaslamp Quarter if you are only in San Diego for a short period and you have other things you really want to see and do, or if you are traveling with children.

Photos from the Gaslamp Quarter and the San Diego Convention Center:




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