Splashes Restaurant



In Laguna Beach, right off the Pacific Coast Highway, sits Surf and Sand Resort. Within the resort, you will find Splashes Restaurant. I found this restaurant just from searching for Laguna Beach restaurants and wanting a place to eat that is as close to the water as I could get. Splashes Restaurant is right on the sand and you can enjoy delicious food while you listen to the waves, bask in the sunlight, and look out for surfers and dolphins. The food is really good(I would recommend the chicken sandwich with caramelized onions) but the ambience is even better.

From what I saw the resort looks beautiful, but you do not have to stay at the resort to enjoy the restaurant and the beach. There is a door in the restaurant that allows you to walk onto the sand and stroll along the beach. The Splashes restaurant itself is not advertised from the road, but just look for the Surf and Sand Resort. There is valet parking when you pull up, but after you eat at the restaurant the front desk will validate parking for you.


The following includes photos of Splashes Restaurant, the view from the restaurant, my lunch order, and photos of the beach and ocean right out in front of the restaurant and resort in Laguna Beach.

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