Malibu Pier and Surfrider Beach


While not as popular as the Santa Monica beach and pier, the Malibu pier and Malibu Lagoon State Beach, also known as Surfrider Beach, is a great spot along the coast with a list of things to do.

Things To Know About Surfrider Beach And The Malibu Pier:

  • Malibu Pier and Surfrider Beach is west of Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles, and even further west than Santa Monica. It is about thirty-five minutes from LAX, about thirty minutes from Beverly Hills, and for simplified directions just keep driving past the Santa Monica Pier until you reach a sign that reads Malibu Pier on the left.
  • Although the official name for this beach is the Malibu Lagoon State Beach, it is nicknamed Surfrider Beach due to its popularity for surfing. There are plenty of people surfing in the water, both first-timers taking lessons and more experienced surfers enjoying the waves. There are even signs that distinguish sections for swimming and sections strictly for surfing, for safety reasons. Also, you can rent surfboards, boogie boards, and kayaks on the pier.
  • Surfrider Beach is a great size, as there is plenty of room to set up camp and lay in the sand.
  • One of my favorite parts of this beach is the tide pools, where you can spot tiny fish and crabs navigating the rocks. This was a very popular spot for children who could point out the sea creatures and walk among the rocks.
  • This spot is not the best for food options, as the only places to eat on the pier itself is the Malibu Farm Restaurant and Malibu Farm Cafe. Finding places to eat require a little more exploration throughout Malibu or you could head into Santa Monica. I would suggest bringing snacks if you plan on spending all day at the beach, and especially if you are bringing kids.
  • I highly recommend a visit to the one shop on the pier, called The Ranch. I am not quite sure how I would categorize the shop, but it has a variety of items from Malibu souvenirs to California styled clothes to even adorable kid items. It is one of those shops where you could probably find a gift for everyone, since everything has a California influence and since there is such a range of items.
  • There is parking directly next to the pier. However it is limited, so I would suggest getting to the beach early if you plan on parking your car, and make sure you bring cash.


The photos below include views of Malibu Pier and Malibu Lagoon State Beach, also known as Surfrider Beach, as well as the front of the Ranch, and views of the pier from the second level of the Ranch.

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