Third Street Promenade



Shopping, ocean views, warm weather, and more shopping can all be found at one of my favorite places in Southern California, the Third Street Promenade. Third Street is a street that you cannot actually drive through, as it is designed for walking and shopping, and it is two streets over from the Pacific Coast Highway and the Santa Monica Beach. Although there are usually a few interesting street performers, Third Street is pretty tame in comparison to places like the Venice Boardwalk. Also, there are not really any specialty or unique shops, as most of the stores are the same ones you would find in a mall, but there are so many choices for shopping. There are not only stores along the street that probably spans about four or five blocks, but this all leads to a regular sized outdoor mall with three levels.

Also, if you visit the Promenade on Wednesday then you will come across a weekly Farmers’ Market that is set up around the middle of Third Street.



Third Street has an interesting decor as the street includes many dinosaur statutes which, at least to me, all look like they are continuously spitting. However, if you are into dinosaur statutes then there are a range of them to look at and take pictures with, along the Promenade.



You should check out Trastevere, which is currently my favorite restaurant on Third Street(mostly because I continue to eat there every time I shop on Third Street and I have been too lazy to branch out). Also, the food is great, I love their Ravioli, and you can sit outside and participate in my favorite pastime of people watching. There are plenty of eateries along the Promenade and there are a lot more restaurants and a food court on the third level of the outdoor mall.


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