Road Trip From Los Angeles to Las Vegas



This “Road Trip” is less about the drive than it is about the two destinations. Whether you live near Los Angeles or Las Vegas, you are coming from a far distance and want to check two major U.S. cities off your list, or you simply want to get more out of your vacation, the proximity between Los Angeles and Las Vegas can make for a great mini road trip.

If everything goes smoothly and you take the fastest route, the drive between Los Angeles and Las Vegas should be about four hours(not including time for rest stops and traffic). The quickest route takes the I-15 N, which is a highway that goes a north and a little east of Los Angeles and will take you straight into the Las Vegas strip. The worst part of the trip is the traffic that you could encounter around Los Angeles, so if possible make sure to schedule any of the times you will be leaving or entering Los Angeles, to minimize the amount of traffic as best you can. There are some ascends and descends that might make anyone who is used to traveling on flat roads nervous, however I have encountered much scarier roads when driving through Utah and Colorado.

I have taken this road trip six times, and the last time I took the journey I encountered some challenges due to a wild fire that blocked off part of I-15N. I learned on this trip that one, it is important to always check the news before leaving on a road trip as although the wild fire did not directly impact the area we were currently in, it would impact the trip in a couple of hours, and two, that there are two other routes that can be used to get to the latter half of the I-15N to drive into Las Vegas, through a higher route or through a lower route that would add only about an hour to two hours to the travel time.




And to emphasize my point about Los Angeles traffic, below is a picture of the traffic leaving Los Angeles and I felt like one lucky traveler that I was going in the opposite direction of the brutal traffic that went on for miles.


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