Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa


The Las Vegas strip is packed with upscale(and the not so upscale) resorts, hotels, and casinos. However, about twenty minutes from the strip, in an area with a more residential feel versus the glitz and glamour of the strip, you will find the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa.

Things To Know About the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa:

  • Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but is in closer proximity to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area than the Las Vegas strip. This makes staying here a great option if you want to avoid the crowds and noise of the strip, while still enjoying the Las Vegas weather. Also, if you still wanted to see a few shows or visit the strip for other reasons, it is only a twenty minute drive.
  • With the Red Rock Canyon being a five minute drive from the resort, there are great views of the mountains outside any window and an additional amount of outdoor activities. From hiking and mountain biking to rock climbing and scenic drives, the Red Rock Canyon has a list of activities for visitors to enjoy.
  • The resort is about twenty minutes from the McCarran International Airport servicing the Las Vegas area.
  • Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa includes traditional Las Vegas activities, such as their large casino, awesome outdoor pool, spa, and plenty of restaurants. In addition, the resort also has a movie theater, bowling lanes, and an indoor playground for kids.
  • Although they have seven or more restaurants inside the resort, their buffet was my favorite. Even in comparison to some of the very impressive buffets at the upscale resorts along the Las Vegas strip, Red Rock’s Feast Buffet is by far my favorite. The buffet hits almost every type of food I can think of, plus their dessert section makes my sweet tooth happy.
  • Something I learned from this specific trip that can be applied to most places, is to always be on lookout for the secret tipping charge. During my time at the resort’s pool, I discovered an eighteen percent tip that was already added into the bill. Luckily the waitress pointed out that the tip was already included in the bill so that she was not tipped twice, but this practice can be slightly frustrating as you are forced to tip even when experiencing bad service(and I personally think it can encourage bad service as the waitstaff already knows they will be tipped at the end of the meal).
  • The pool was my favorite part of the resort, as there was one main pool and then scattered small pools and hot tubs. The setup allowed for plenty of swimming and chair space without feeling as if everyone was crowded around each other.
  • The Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa definitely has more of a laid-back atmosphere, which is the source of its pro and con. While it is away from the action, clubs, and crowds of the strip, it allows for a more relaxing and slower paced visit.


The photos below include the outside of the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, the lobby, the pool, and a view of the Red Rock Canyon.


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