Cirque Du Soleil’s O



With currently twenty shows being shown around the world, and with seven of those twenty shows having residency on the Las Vegas strip, there are plenty of options when choosing to see a Cirque Du Soleil production. Each Cirque Du Soleil production has a center theme, where the costumes, set design, and music centers around, and each production includes the quirky style of Cirque Du Soleil plus the amazing talents of the performers. From the handful of Cirque Du Soleil shows I have seen in the last eight years, “O” continues to be my favorite and most recommended Cirque Du Soleil show.

“O” is currently being shown at the Bellagio Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas strip. The show’s theme, which makes it stand out from other Cirque Du Soleil shows, is that it centers around water. Without ruining the amazing production, I will share that the stage has a big pool of water in the middle where most of the amazing acts take place. Performances currently run from Wednesday through Sunday at 7:00 pm and 9:30pm. The show takes about two hours, but make sure you are on time because they definitely start on time and in the last show I saw people were walking into the already started performance, even though they were only a minute or two late.

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