Nothing Bundt Cakes



As someone with a major sweet tooth, I am into almost every “dessert craze”, from cupcake shops to cronuts. My current dessert shop favorite is Nothing Bundt Cakes. I used to view bundt cakes as flavorless, boring, and dry. To me, bundt cakes were an unassuming dessert that I would walk past, as it sat on a table in the corner, and continue on to the desserts baked behind the grocery store counter.

However, Nothing Bundt Cakes has changed the game with their flavorful and moist cakes in a variety of flavors. The bundt cakes always taste fresh and the icing is lined in stripes along the cake, instead of a thick layer of icing that just sits on top of the cake(which most people do not enjoy). The cake flavors range from chocolate chip and cinnamon to lemon and raspberry. There are currently a total of nine flavors and the cakes are sold as “Bundtinis”(which are around the size of a small cupcake), single serving cakes, tired cakes, bundt cakes that serve 8-10 people, and bundt cakes that serve 18-20 people. You can pre-order a cake online, to add some decorative cake designs, or just go into the store and pick out your favorite flavors.

Nothing Bundt Cakes has a cheery store atmosphere, where along with cakes you can purchase aprons, cooking gear, and decorative items with bright colors, fun designs, and cheeky quotes. I also love that every time I go to the bakery they always have samples ready. The bundt cakes are great for gatherings such as celebrating Mother’s Day, and Nothing Bundt Cakes has locations in thirty states across the United States.

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