Bad Moms

Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Christina Applegate, the film Bad Moms was much better and funnier than I expected.

You Should See Bad Moms:

  • For relatable parent humor(Obviously it is mostly relatable to moms but as a female without children I still found the movie to be hilarious and there were a few husbands who came with their wives and laughed out loud during the film).
  • If you do not mind medium rated R movies. I describe this as a medium rated R film since most of the rating was for language, a handful of raunchy jokes, and quick nudity. While it is not as extreme as an R rated film like The Wolf of Wall Street, it is still an adult film.
  • For humor with an underlying message. This film was much funnier than I expected, while there was also a great message about the relationship between a mother and her kids, and the importance of being accepting of different parental styles instead of mom-shaming.
  • For the great writing. The writers of The Hangover(and of The Hangover III but do not let that deter you), Jon Lucas and Scott Moore bring their comedy writing skills to female comedy in Bad Moms.
  • Just for Kathryn Hahn, whose character was my favorite in the film and she had all of the best lines.

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