Sanuk Shoes



As someone who has incredibly flat feet, which makes it harder to find the right shoe size and it makes it harder to wear certain types of shoes, finding shoes can be a hassle. A few years ago I discovered a pair of Sanuk flip flops being sold at the clothing store Buckle, and I have since been a loyal buyer of Sanuk shoes. Also, in just the last couple of years, Sanuk has expanded beyond just flip flops and sandals, and now sells a variety of shoes. The soles of Sanuk shoes are made from the same material as yoga mats, which makes them unbelievably comfortable, but I have also found that the shoes fit my feet really well, specifically the ballet flats which are hard for me to wear when I purchase them from a different brand.

The shoes are sold in a variety of stores from sporting good stores to discount retail chains to department stores, but you can find all of the Sanuk shoe styles online here. When ordering online I have had only one disappointment where the straps on this shoes style were too tight but I was able to easily return the shoes and get a refund within two weeks.

Here are my favorite Sanuk styles:



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