The Book of Mormon



‘The Book of Mormon’ has been onstage for the past four years and is now on tour, with its current stop being at the Private Bank Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

You Should See ‘The Book Of Mormon’:

  • If you enjoy Tony Award winning musicals(‘The Book of Mormon’ was nominated for thirteen awards and won nine)
  • If you love the music of musicals, because ‘The Book of Mormon’s’ soundtrack won a Grammy Award, was the fastest-selling Broadway cast album in iTunes history when it was released, and will probably get stuck in your head
  • If you like “South Park Humor”, as the musical was written by the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. When you have the South Park creators writing a musical, the musical is definitely going to include some crude language, vulgar jokes, and obscene references, which I and most audiences found to be hilarious, but it is not for everyone
  • If you are not a young child(and if you bring your children to this musical then you will have plenty of explaining to do on the drive home)
  • If you enjoy musicals with some heart and a good underlying message. While there is plenty of crude humor in ‘The Book of Mormon’, there is a surprising amount of good lessons to be learned through its satire of the Book of Mormon




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