The Secret Life of Pets


You Should See ‘The Secret Life of Pets’:

  • If you like animated films(because it’s animated…)
  • If you like the animal theme that has been popular so far this year and you wanted to see some more(First ‘Zootopia’, then ‘Finding Dory’, and now ‘The Secret Life of Pets’)
  • If you liked ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Minions'(this film was animated by the same company, Illumination Entertainment, and there is even a ‘Minion’ short played before the film starts)
  • If you have a pet or plan on getting your child a pet in the near future(by the end of the film I was missing my own pet at home, so I’m giving a warning to parents without pets as you should prepare to hear your kids begging for a pet after seeing this movie)

I thought ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ might be similar to ‘Zootopia’, but I enjoyed each movie for different reasons. ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ did not have as complex of a theme like ‘Zootopia’ did, as this film was more about the different pets people have and loving your pet. However, I felt that there was a lot more humor in this film than in ‘Zootopia’. Overall I enjoyed the detail put into the personalities of each pet and the voice acting was great.


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