The Walnut Room at Macy’s on State Street



It has been on my Chicago Bucket List to eat at the Walnut Room, a restaurant in the Macy’s State Street store in Downtown Chicago. So when I finally showed up for my reservations I was at first confused and hesitant because the restaurant was basically empty. Now I do not know if it was a fluke, if it was because the restaurant was closing in the next hour, or if the restaurant is just not regularly busy, but there was honestly only three other tables with customers seated at them and I definitely thought for a second, maybe I should eat somewhere else. However, I ended up loving the restaurant anyways. The Walnut Room is open, has tall ceiling, floor to ceiling windows, and a classic decorative style. The floor to ceiling windows were one of my favorite things about the restaurant as there were great views all around of the skyscrapers and streets below in downtown Chicago, and I bet the views are even nicer around the winter holidays when the streets are decorated.

The food was also really great, especially since I remember as a child being dragged along to shopping trips to Macy’s with my mother and eating at the store afterwards, during which I would always get their tasty chicken pot pie. So, I of course had to order the traditional Macy’s potpie at dinner, which did not disappoint. I enjoyed dessert even more than dinner as I ordered the Frango Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Pie and I would drive in rush hour Chicago traffic just to eat another slice.



The Walnut Room restaurant is located on the seventh floor of the Macy’s on State Street in downtown Chicago. The building was previously home to the flagship location of the Marshall Field’s department store chain. In 2006 Macy’s bought out the building and changed it into a Macy’s department store, which created some upset feelings at the time since it is a National Historic Landmark. However, the building still has its traditional architectural style and store details that make it a cool place to visit. Also, if you are driving a car, there is plenty of public parking garages near the store, however Macy’s has valet parking that is reasonably priced if you are just visting the restaurant and store for a few hours.

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