I found one of my current favorite dresses in a local boutique clothing store in Chicago, and it had an Olive+Oak label on the tag, leading to my current favorite clothing brand. Olive+Oak is a New York based clothing brand, with an online store and, according to their website, their clothing can be found in various department stores and online retailers, although below is what I could currently find throughout retailer websites.

And then here are my favorites from their current collection on their home site.

Olive+Oak has a really chic style, and I feel that their pieces are unique without being over the top. The clothes are made with quality material, the colors stay bright and the material stays soft after being washed, the material stretches and fits great,(even when you are not the same size as the model in the picture) and it holds up over time. Also, I feel that it is super affordable, and they have a great sale section. For me, it is the type of brand where I find that dress, romper, or sweater that I love, that I wear all the time, and that will last for a while in my closet.




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