Roadtrip Through Southern Utah


While my drive through Southern Utah was scheduled as more of a necessity than simply for pleasure, it turned into a memorably scenic road trip. Personally, when I thought of Utah I immediately thought of Salt Lake City and Park City in the northern section of the state. When I looked up the route I would be driving, through southern Utah, I realized I did not know much about the towns and landscape in the rest of the state.

The route I drove was along highway 70 and highway 15 as I drove from the state line of Colorado and Utah all the way down to St. George, right before I crossed over into Arizona. The drive is about six hours without stops and not only was the scenery amazing, but I have never spent such a long time driving without coming into contact with civilization. For hours there was no gas stations, no places to eat, no towns in general, no cell phone service, and no radio signal. I would definitely recommend making sure your vehicle of choice is filled with gas and that you have back up music to listen to, as this road trip is pretty isolated. It was really amazing to see land that was pretty much untouched, and especially land that was surrounded with magnificent mountains. At certain points along the trip the road would become pretty steep, so make sure you have a sturdy set of breaks.

While my only stop along the road trip was to sleep in a hotel in St. George, there are many scenic places that I wish I had time to visit. Moab, known for its red arches, is located closer to the Colorado border to the east in Utah, and Zion National Park is located in the southwest corner of Utah, more near the town of St. George. This is definitely a drive, and an area, that I would recommend visiting in the United States.


After 32 miles of no civilization or cell phone service, and then another 12 miles after taking an exit off the highway, I believe I found one of the nation’s smallest gas station.



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