Beaver Creek Resort(In The Summer)


During my trip to the Vail Ski Resort in Colorado, I actually ended up visiting Beaver Creek Resort by accident. As I looked through my hotel options, and briefly planned my trip as I was only staying for two days, I choose a nice hotel that was having a sale since it is not the regular winter season.(So a major travel tip is to try visiting ski resorts, or areas known for their ski slopes, in warmer months as there is still plenty to do, beautiful scenery, and now cheaper options). However the hotel was actually in the town next door, Beaver Creek, and it led to an awesome discovery as I enjoyed visiting what I would call Vail Village’s little brother.

Things to Know About Beaver Creek Resort:

  •  It is neighbors with Vail Village, so you could still stay in Beaver Creek Resort but also venture over to Vail and enjoy what it has to offer as well.
  • Along with the proximity to Vail’s shopping, restaurants, and resorts, most of the travel companies that provide off-site activities, such as hiking, white water rafting, and snowmobiling, would pick you up from Beaver Creek as well.
  • Beaver Creek has its own little village filled with shopping, restaurants, and activities, which is within walking distance from most of the hotels and resorts.
  • Beaver Creek is up in the mountains which means there are beautiful views, high altitudes, and tricky roads to navigate.
  • Even in the summer, Beaver Creek’s scenery is gorgeous, and while I did not see any bears from my window on this trip, I have heard from locals to keep on the lookout for awesome Colorado wildlife.
  • While I did visit during the warmer months, so there were less visitors in general, Beaver Creek is less crowded than Vail Village as it does have less resorts and less attractions, although I liked its slower pace.
  • In the little Beaver Creek town square, there is a chairlift that takes you up the mountains further. When you get off at the top there are many hiking trails and the Spruce Saddle Lodge. I have two tips from my experience. First, if it looks like it is going to rain, do not take the chairlift up. It started raining once I was at the top, they shut down the lift, and I ended up being stuck inside for about an hour with nothing to do before I had to take a slightly frightening chair lift ride down, as they sped up the lifts pretty fast in order to get everyone down before the storm started up again. Also, the rain prevented any hiking which is one of the reasons I bought the chairlift ticket. Second, while overpriced food is always expected when traveling, the Spruce Saddle Lodge has way overpriced food, including very expensive bottles of water and chips. The problem is that if you go up the chairlift unprepared, then you might be stuck paying. However, if you want to avoid the prices, then I would suggest at least bringing your own drink and maybe just getting regular food(as I have to admit that their pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries were freshly made and delicious).


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