White Water Rafting In Vail Colorado

Even though I was only in the Vail/Beaver Creek area for a short time, I was able to fit a white water rafting trip into the visit. I used, and would recommend using, the Sage Outdoor Adventures company for white water rafting if you are in this area.

Things to Know About White Water Rafting in Vail, Colorado:

  • Even though my hotel was over in Beaver Creek, the company still came to pick our party up from the hotel instead of us trying to meet them at the take off site. The company is pretty accommodating for where they would pick you up, including any Vail hotels, Beaver Creek hotels, and they even met a family halfway between their home and the take off site.
  • The driver and one of the raft guides picked us up from the hotel and they were both so friendly and talkative(and the entire staff in general was pretty awesome). Part of the fun was the drive to the part of the Colorado River that we took off from. We got a mini tour of the surrounding area, a very scenic drive, and although we didn’t see any cool wildlife they claim there is usually some cool sightings on their drive.
  • Dates are incredibly important for white water rafting as there is a certain window for rafting, (pretty much the summer months from May to August) and even which month can impact your trip, as the river is a lot calmer during certain periods.
  • Class numbers are also important as they identify the type of rafting experience that you are signing up for. Since it was our first time white water rafting, we purposefully choose a lower class number just to get the experience. As soon as it was over though we agreed that we could definitely handle a higher number and a more adventurous ride. Factors such as your age, your swimming ability, your experience, and your physical ability(such as if you want to actually paddle yourself or have someone else paddle for you) can affect which class you might want to choose. Also this is where dates are important as certain class numbers might only be available during certain months.
  • During our trip they also had water tubes and inflatable canoes that they attached to the rafts. When the river was calmer you had the option to try them out yourself.
  • Our trip included a short stop about halfway through to eat snacks on the shore.
  • Do not forget sunscreen as you are sitting completely exposed to the sun for hours in the raft. You could wear long sleeves, but it will probably get pretty warm during your trip and if you get wet then your clothes will just be uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I ended up wearing my swimsuit underneath running shorts and a tank top, and if needed they provide water shoes.
  • Along with class choices, there are also choices on duration as there are both half-day and full day rafting trips.
  • The company recommended not to bring your phones or cameras, so we left ours at the hotel. However, depending on how rough your trip is, you could get away with putting your phone in a plastic baggie and wearing a small bag. The only picture I do have from the trip is of the river that we traveled down(which was the very beautiful Colorado River).



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