Soldier Field



Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois is most known for being the football stadium that is home to the Chicago Bears, however it is also used as a major concert venue in the Chicagoland area.

Soldier Field is located in downtown Chicago, right next door to the Shedd Aquarium, the Adler Planetarium, and the Field Museum. While I love the more intimate feel of other venues in the Chicagoland area like the United Center and Allstate Arena, Soldier Field is three times the size of the other arenas which gives fans a better chance of seeing their favorite performer live, and at a more reasonable price as there are more options and tickets available overall(the supply is larger in comparison to the demand).

With the size however comes seats that are obviously going to be pretty far back from the stage and high up into the bleachers. I would personally sit further back if its higher up in the stands, rather than sitting further back on the floor. The floor seats are basically plastic seats lined up where the football field is normally set up for the Chicago Bears’ games. However theses seats are strung together, so you cannot even spread them apart, and there is no incline on the floor so you are looking straight towards the stage with a crowd of people in front of you. When buying tickets you should definitely check the configuration of the stage as some performers have the main stage at the front and then may branch out, so some floor seats may be close to a second stage that the performer will use even if it’s not the main stage.

Here is a view of the seating on the floor.



Here is the stadium seats to the left of the stage.IMG_6024


Here are the stadium seats to the very back of the stage. (Most performers don’t have stages that go all the way back to this section of the stadium, however Taylor Swift did have a section where she went to the back of the stadium for a few songs, which I thought was pretty cool).



Here are the stadium seats to the right of the stage, which includes box seats which are behind the glass at the top.IMG_6026

With such a large crowd, parking can of course be an issue. Soldier Field has event day parking that you can reserve ahead of time. The pricing is actually reasonable, but of course it is limited and while I haven’t tried it myself, I can imagine that it could be a headache getting out of the parking lot at the end of the night with the large crowd. There are plenty of public parking garages where they are within walking distance from Soldier Field(from 5 to 15 minutes away) that allow you to park at a reasonable price plus put some distance away from the crowds. Another option is to take the train, which has a stop right in front of Soldier Field(as long as you don’t mind getting on a very crowded train at the end of the night).


Here are some pictures from the most recent concert at Soldier Field, which was the Beyonce World Formation Tour(and which was of course amazing due to her obvious vocal talents, but she also performed without an opener, led her amazing dancers throughout every number, performed songs from each of her albums plus Destiny’s Child music, included fireworks throughout, had acrobatic performers, and did an entire section dancing in water which was awesome. She also included some home videos of her with Jay Z and her daughter Blue Ivy and was super personable with the crowd as she talked to and interacted with her fans).



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