A Few Bliss Products

I’m definitely wary of some of the products sold by Bliss, including the products that can somehow give you a six pack and cleavage out of a bottle(Although I haven’t actually tried it out so maybe it does work). Anyways, I was given a handful of products as a gift, which are listed below.




Bliss Soapy Suds(Lemon+Sage; Blood Orange+Pepper): The Soapy Suds is one of Bliss’s best products in terms of the amount of product given for the cost, as the bottle is a nice size and a little of the suds goes a long way. It does not dry out the skin, and it does not foam up, but I felt that it leaves the skin feeling a little waxy afterwards. I really liked the smell, as both types had a strong but natural smell(as in it truly smelled like lemon and truly smelled like blood orange).





Bliss Body Butter(Lemon+Sage; Blood Orange+Pepper): Similar to the Soapy Suds, both Body Butter products smelled great and natural. I think the price is a little high for a body butter, especially since it does not specifically help with extra dry skin, scars, dark marks, or any other specific skin issues, however I really liked the feel of the Body Butter as it was definitely moisturizing.





Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-glow-sion Vitabead-infused Moisture Cream:(AKA a mouthful) While this cream is a little more expensive than what I would usually spend on a daily face moisturizer, there is a lot provided in the jar and you definitely do not need to put on a thick layer for this product to work. The face cream looks and feels like cream cheese, so it has a fluffy and thick consistency instead of oily or watery. The product moisturizes the skin but it feels tacky on top of the skin instead of absorbing immediately, which does give your face a nice glow, but I would not layer on other products like sunscreen or makeup to avoid breakouts. I would mostly use this product as a night cream instead of putting it on while I get ready in the morning. The other thing about this product is that it has a very fragrant smell, which smells like artificial strawberries to me.


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