Captain America: Civil War

You Should See Captain America: Civil War:

  • If you like Bromance Love Triangles(Captain America, Bucky Barnes, and Iron Man, Oh My!)
  • If you like Captain America movies that don’t feature as much Captain America(like if you compare Captain America screen time from the first to the second movie it has to be down by at least half)
  • If you were tired of the same old avenger characters and are ready for a new slate of avengers
  • If you like Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr.(I swear this man owns half of Marvel by now)
  • If you think the more the merrier. Seriously though, there were so many people in this film in general, plus the amount of superhero characters was a little over the top. They had some of the old avengers, some of the original Captain America characters, some characters who already had their own movie(oh hey Ant Man for like ten minutes), some new characters who will have their own movie(oh hey Black Panther you seem pretty cool), some characters who should have their own movie but probably will not(oh hey Black Widow that sucks), and some characters who had their own movies, played by two different actors within a span of ten years and yet they are still giving it another try(oh hey Spider-Man, again)
  • If you like tons of hand to hand combat as every superhero really got there own chance to fight, which is one of my favorite things about the Marvel movies is that even though they are superheros it is more exciting to see characters fighting a little more “realistically”
  • If you like your superhero movie to be a little more dark and serious(although I did miss some of the more lighthearted and witty moments of the first Avengers)
  • If you like the more disjointed superhero movies. With all of the characters, locations, time periods, and backstories the movie jumped around a lot and they really tried to squeeze people in and give everyone some screen time(This also makes me wonder how the next two Avengers films are going to come together with so many characters in the crowded Marvel Universe)

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