Snow Monster

I stumbled upon Snow Monster, a dessert shop, while visiting Long Beach. This specific Snow Monster, pictured in the photos below, is located on 2nd street, also known as Belmont Shore(which refers to a cluster of restaurants, bars, and shops in Long Beach). There was no sign outside indicating what the shop was, and I even had to search for it online the next day to figure out the name. Snow Monster is known for its awesome desserts such as macaron ice cream sandwiches, ice cream and cotton candy cloud combos, a variety of tea drinks served in jars, and shaved snow. It has a really nice atmosphere inside its shop, as a lot of people hung around for a while and even played some board games that are provided in the corner. This innovative dessert shop currently has locations in Westminster, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and Anaheim.



I don’t exactly understand what eating dessert has to do with being a monster, but if this quote on their wall is true than I am the biggest monster of them all because I love dessert.


The Long Beach set up is a little small, I’m not sure what the other locations are like, and I visited Snow Monster around 10pm so I would expect it to be packed during the day.



Here is the delicious mango shaved snow topped with graham crackers that I ordered. This is their smaller size and they offer a larger size(so you could probably order the bigger size and split it with someone because it’s huge).

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