Arclight Cinemas

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the movies. I will watch a movie mostly anywhere and mostly on anything, but nothing beats seeing a film on the big screen. With movie theater tickets being so expensive these days, you at least expect to get your money’s worth for the experience. One of the top notch theater brands that I have visited thus far is ArcLight Cinemas.

Things to Know About Arclight Cinemas:

  • You get your own movie guide who introduces the movie you are about to see(maybe to make sure you are in the right theater) and promises to check in on the film periodically to make sure the movie and sound are up to par.
  • Do not be late. According to their guidelines, the theater does not allow you to buy your movie ticket five minutes before the showtime and you are not allowed to enter once the movie starts.(Although I have seen people sneak in right as the movie started, so maybe it depends on whether the person selling tickets really sticks to the rule or not)
  • They have a small memorabilia shop in the lobby, and while most of the time I do not even think about buying anything from the shop I was almost tempted by a BB-8 purse.
  • They have a regular movie concession stand plus a snazzy bar/cafe.
  • The usual “ten minute previews” does not apply here. ArcLight shows a small amount of trailers before the movie and even has a no commercial policy.
  • The seats are comfy, they lean back, and they are even elevated so that you can see over the seat in front of you. They are also assigned(so you choose your seat when you purchase the tickets) and they are spread out to leave plenty of aisle room for people to walk through.
  • If you are a consistent moviegoer then you could benefit from ArcLight’s membership program. There is an annual fee to sign up, but you get perks in return such as discounts when you purchase tickets online, points that can be redeemed for concessions and the gift shop, and birthday bonuses.
  • ArcLight currently has a limited number of locations, with cinemas in DC, San Diego, two in Chicago, and six in Los Angeles.



Here is a picture of the snazzy lobby at the Chicago area – Glenview ArcLight location.

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