Asiana Airlines

Things to Know About Asiana Airlines:

  • Asiana Airlines is a major South Korean based airline, which means they provide plenty of flights going in and out of South Korea. The airline also provides flights to and from cities in Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Central Asia, the Americas, and Oceania.
  • The airline allows for two free checked bags(which is one of my favorite things to hear from an airline).
  • The staff on the flight was incredibly kind and accommodating, and they even give you warm towels at the start of the flight.
  • The flight on Asiana Airlines goes much quicker than expected thanks to the individual TV provided for each seat that gives you the option to watch newer movies without an extra charge, the pretty spacious economy seats, and the two meals that were provided with the flight. For the meals they offered a choice between a Korean meal and what they call a western meal.
  • Asiana Airlines is an average priced airlines. When comparing Asiana Airlines’ international flights to other popular airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and Delta, Asiana falls in the middle.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this airline and I would recommend Asiana to anyone traveling to its provided destinations.


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