Sofitel Hotel Shanghai

Visiting Shanghai, China? Then I would suggest staying at the Sofitel Hotel in Shanghai. I really loved this hotel first and foremost for its location. The Sofitel brand is of course a premier hotel chain, but this particular Sofitel Hotel also has the premier location to match the great rooms and friendly hotel staff. There are plenty of restaurants right outside the hotel that offer a variety of food choices, from local cuisine to well-known eateries(AKA McDonalds, etc.). There is also plenty of shopping right outside the hotel as it is located on a popular street(which always seemed to be filled with people). I was able to easily travel to other shopping locations, restaurants, and attractions due to the public transportation that was easily accessible to the hotel and my favorite part was that it only took about a twenty minute walk to get to The Bund, a popular waterfront spot in Shanghai.

Here are a few photos of the street right outside the hotel.



My room was facing more of the residential side in Shanghai, instead of the city side.



I thought the room size was a little cramped, as there are two beds put into one room that is probably meant for a single bed, but the rooms were very nice overall. However, I was very thrown off by the shower “window” pictured below where you can watch someone shower while laying on your bed. Although maybe you simply want to look out the window and take in the sights of Shanghai while you bathe.


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