Hollywood Homes Tours

When I think about Hollywood, two things come to my mind. The first is movies and the second is the celebrities that are in them. So, when I am in Hollywood I of course have to take a “Hollywood Homes” tour. If you have judgmental friends that think driving around to the different homes of celebrities is either too touristy or too creepy, then just tell them you are taking an “architectural” tour.

From what I have found through online research, local recommendation, and Los Angeles brochures, Starline Tours appears to be the top company to provide celebrity home tours(Or at least one of the most popular tour companies). Starline’s “Movie Stars’ Homes” tour is one of their most popular and a great starting tour to help you get to know the Los Angeles area. Although you expect to see celebrity homes in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area, the tour also takes you past sightseeing spots, like Rodeo Drive, and into multiple towns, from Hollywood to Beverly Hills. I have also been on Starline’s “Malibu Stars’ Homes” and I loved it. It is scenic as you drive down the coast and the tour bus has an open top so you can see everything. I also thought the tour was unique as you get to know the Santa Monica and Malibu area and see some gorgeous ocean-side homes.

I have also been on a Hollywood homes tour from the Ultimate Hollywood Tours company, and I would highly recommend their tour. The company is not as big and established as Starline(who has an entire list of tours in multiple cities) but their Hollywood tour was incredibly thorough, the guide was really personable, knowledgeable, and funny, and I got to see places I had not visited before even though I have been visiting and living in Los Angeles for many years. The only challenging part about this company was finding the meet up location, so I would make sure you have specific directions of where it is and where the parking is located before you go.

So I’m not a creepy person who just takes pictures of people’s homes(because remember I take a Hollywood Home Tours not for the celebrities but just for the “architecture”) but of all the houses I did see I had to take pictures of at least these two. The first house was just gorgeous and massive and looked like the White House(I mean do you see all of those windows!!!) and the second home looked like it was defying gravity on the side of a mountain.

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