I love visiting and living in big cities, but one of the challenges that come with frequenting the city is parking. When I bought tickets to see a play in downtown Chicago, the ticket website had a map for suggested parking near the venue. When I clicked on the closest parking garage, the site recommended I download the app ParkWhiz, which I have now happily used for parking when I attend events in the city.

ParkWhiz is a website and an app that you can use first to find available parking locations and second to reserve a parking spot ahead of time. ParkWhiz can currently be used in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Chicago, and the current full list of ParkWhiz cities can be found here.

ParkWhiz was very easy to use, especially when you have the app. You simply look up the area, select a place for parking, choose your date and time for parking, and pay ahead of time. When you arrive to the parking space you use a barcode on your phone to get in and out of the location by either showing someone that works for the parking location or by scanning the code on a machine. ParkWhiz lets you search for parking, compare prices, pay and reserve ahead of time, and guarantees your spot and location. It is a very handy tool that you should try next time you need to park.

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