Virgin America Airlines

Virgin America Airlines is currently my go-to airline, and I have been consistently using it for the past few years. I would definitely recommend it if you are flying in the U.S.

Things to Know About Virgin America:

1.This is specifically about Virgin American Airlines, under the Virgin brand there is also Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Virgin Australia Airlines, and Virgin Samoa. I have only flown Virgin America and I am not sure if the other Virgin Airlines are different or fairly similar.

2.Virgin America is definitely not the cheapest airline out there. I have found its prices to be average though, never unreasonably priced. I would say it is definitely worth the price of its tickets, and it seems to be a popular airline. Also, there is an efficient points program that can allow you to earn some money back if you frequently use their airline and rack up points to exchange for tickets.

3.Virgin America began providing flights in 2007 and it has not yet expanded to fly to as many cities as some of the much bigger airlines in the U.S., but it does cover a lot of the main cities in the country. Here is a full list of its destinations.

4.Since I used Southwest Airlines for most of my childhood, I had become use to checking free bags on a flight. So, I was disappointed to learn that you have to pay for your checked bags on Virgin America. However, today a majority of airlines require you to pay for checked bags and Virgin America fees are priced the same as most other airlines.

5.Virgin America wins for the best safety video. It is super catchy and every time it plays at the beginning of the flight I have to play it cool and pretend that I don’t know the lyrics.

6.Virgin America has a small first class section, which from what I can tell basically includes more space, a blanket, no extra fees for a checked bag, and a bathroom at the front that is cut off from the peasants in economy. One day I hope to make enough money to be able to have sort of my own tiny airport bathroom that I only have to share with a few other people on my flight.

7.A Virgin America flight could also be the place where you find love. If you happen to miss your chance to talk to that person that caught your attention while walking to their seat, then just remember to memorize their seat number and send them a drink through Virgin America’s seat service and they have no choice but to accept it as they are stuck within your proximity for at least the duration of the flight.

8.Overall, I have found Virgin America flights to be enjoyable as their flight attendants are usually very pleasant, you can choose your seat beforehand, the seats have enough room(at least as best as an airplane can), and there are screens for each seat that provide free TV while you travel(you can also purchase movies).


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