Mishe Mokwa Hike to Sandstone Peak

Drive outside Los Angeles, down the pacific coast highway, past Santa Monica, into Malibu and drive up, and you will find the Santa Monica Mountains. Through the Santa Monica Mountains is a lovely hiking trail called Mishe Mokwa(do not ask me to pronounce this out loud) and this trail takes you up to Sandstone Peak, which is the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains. The trail is surprisingly filled with greenery, and some parts of the trail even looked like a a small forest. While trails like Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles basically look like a desert hike, the Santa Monica Mountains was filled with a variety of beautiful terrain. This hike is not difficult to the top, and there is a trail that you can easily follow, but it does require an uphill trek and the peak itself can be unsettling for those afraid of heights. The drive from the Pacific Coast Highway to the trail is on a narrow road up against the mountain, so be prepared for that as well. Also, there are multiple places to start and stop along the trail, and multiple lots to park your car, so I would keep track of your path so that you do not accidentally hike eight miles when you only planned on three.

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