The Ellen Show


I would like to point out that most people I have talked to about Ellen have been spending a lot of time(even multiple years) trying to get tickets to the show, and for some luck of the draw I was able to get tickets the first time I tried. So, while others may have a different experience I can at least tell you what steps I took to attend a taping of Ellen.

Things to Know about attending Ellen:

1 The regular season tickets for Ellen are free and available on her website. I have not attempted to attend Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways and I believe that the process of obtaining those tickets is different.

2 I was very aware of timing when getting tickets to Ellen, and I think that helped my chances. I would suggest looking at the pattern of when the tickets are made available, for example if you would like to attend a show in March then the dates might open a month before in February so you would want to be ready the day new dates are opened. I also signed up for the tickets early in the morning, about 7am pacific time.

3 Two days later I received a call from a representative for Ellen. I originally missed the call while I was in class, and after I panicked, I called them back about thirty minutes after they called me and I was still able to confirm my tickets, which were standby. A note about the phone call, it says on Ellen’s website that the call could come up to two weeks after you sign up and if you have not yet received that call then you should probably try signing up for a different date.

4 The next step is that two weeks before the show date, you will receive an envelope in the mail that gives you important information such as the type of tickets you have(either VIP, guaranteed, or standby), what you should wear(bright colors), where the show is located(Warner Brothers Lot), and what time to arrive(mine was an hour before taping).

5 Since my tickets were standby, I had to arrive much earlier on the day of the show. Standby ticket holders are allowed to pick up their numbers at 9am, but I arrived at 8am and there were already 5 people in line. Also, the line that I waited in was in a parking garage across the street from the sound stage where the show is filmed, which should be specifically stated on the packet you got in the mail. I now had a card that had my number in line, and I returned to the hotel until the lineup time later in the afternoon.

6 Since you have a card number, you do not have to arrive to the show time early, just the time you are told, and all of the guests for the show will be waiting with you, including VIP and guaranteed ticket holders. The standby tickets do not officially turn in to guaranteed tickets until right before the taping of the show when they count how many people are available. The show is always overbooked to confirm maximum capacity, but if you do not make it in a seat, Ellen has a viewing room with a television to watch the show and you will receive guaranteed tickets for a future date.(I made it into the show, so I am not sure how this process specifically works but this is what I have been told).

7 Once inside, there is someone that guides the audience through the show and makes sure that there is a lot of clapping, laughing, cheering, and dancing, but the taping is only about an hour so hopefully you will not be too bored by the end.(I have heard that other shows could be taping up to five or six hours!) Also, the show I was on was aired the next day, and it is important to note that when you signed up for tickets a month ago, the guests were not revealed yet so hopefully you will get good ones.

8 After the show, Ellen has a really cool store with plenty of overpriced memorabilia and some cool things to take photos next to.

This post seems like being on Ellen is a lot of work, but from what I have heard her show is one of the smoothest and shortest, and if you get called back after applying you are pretty much guaranteed a ticket in some way. I had a blast and would definitely recommend it.




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