You Should See The Movie Deadpool:

  • If you are tired of the same old superhero movie mold
  • If you enjoy self-aware films. From the very first scene with the opening credits, Deadpool addresses the rise of the superhero genre and continues to play on it for the rest of the film. Although it is Marvel, the film still pokes fun at Marvel movies, the big studios, and superhero films in general while using Ryan Reynolds to do it
  • If you are not a child. Seriously though I would recommend not bringing your twelve year old son that loved those Avengers movies, because this is not for him
  • If you enjoy Ryan Reynolds, because there is a lot of him in this movie. A lot of Ryan Reynolds talking, fighting, his naked butt, his witty jokes, his handsome face, his handsome face in a mask…
  • If you would like to see Ryan Reynolds play the role he was born to play and has been waiting his whole career for(or at least since that Green Lantern movie)
  • If you would like to laugh while watching some cool fight scenes too
  • If you can handle rated R films as there is some nudity, plenty of cursing, lots of innuendos that are in no way subtle, and some fight scenes that are not as mild as the other Marvel movies. While I definitely think the movie was not as gory or crass as I expected it to be, it is definitely rated R(so seriously do not bring your twelve year old son that really loved Iron Man unless you would like to explain some parts of the movie to him on your awkward drive home)

Overall I had actually expected this movie to be over hyped and thought I would be disappointed, but I was really impressed with the writing, all of the characters in the movie, and with Ryan Reynolds himself.

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