Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai, China is home to an amazing skyline filled with very tall buildings, which includes the second tallest building in the world, The Shanghai Tower(which opened this year) and the seventh tallest building in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Center. I got the chance to buy a ticket and visit the Shanghai World Financial Center on its top floor observation deck. If you are afraid of heights than this is probably not for you as it is an incredibly tall building. Once you enter the building, you take a couple of elevator rides to the top. While there was a sign at the ticket booth that warned about visibility at the top(and although I could see the fog outside) I still decided to buy the ticket as I thought I would see at least a little something while I was extremely high up in the sky. However, I warn anyone that wants to visit the Shanghai World Financial Center, or any tall building in downtown Shanghai, to take a good look at the level of visibility and the sign at the ticket booth.

Here are shots of the Shanghai World Financial Center from the ground. In the first picture it is the building on the right and personally I think it looks even taller when half of it disappears into the fog filled sky(and yes it does appear obvious to me now that I probably would not be able to see anything from the top with fog this bad).


Here is the best view I could find from the observation deck(I walked into a very long room all filled with floor to wall glass and I was disappointed to discover that it was almost all white).


Here are some shots of the amazing Shanghai skyline filled with incredible Skyscrapers.

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