Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table, a Netflix original docuseries, follows six different world-renown chefs. From Los Angeles to Sweden, each episode travels to various places around the world to learn the chef’s backstory and to peek inside their successful restaurant. I really hope they continue the series and I highly recommend watching it on Netflix.

You Should Watch Chef’s Table:

  • If you enjoy eating super small, yet incredibly expensive, plates of food
  • If you are interested in becoming a food critic(which is basically #LifeGoals since you get to eat for a living and tell people if you enjoyed your meal or not)
  • If you want to learn about award winning restaurants that you may never be able to get a reservation for
  • If you want to learn what foodies mean when they say it is “from farm to table”
  • If you want to impress any of your foodie friends
  • If you are currently not hungry and you wish you were all of a sudden really hungry
  • If you want to look at food that is too pretty to eat(like actually though how do you get edible things to look like pieces of art)
  • If you enjoy learning about the backstories of successful people(and hear how much they struggled to get there, which may give you hope for your own career)
  • If you enjoy interesting shows and want to learn about really cool restaurants run by really cool people

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