Silver Linings Playbook is high up on my favorite movies list so I always get excited when the next David O. Russell film starring the dream team of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro is released. I was really looking forward to seeing Joy, which was released on Christmas Day, as the titular role is played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Things to Know About Joy:

  1. Jennifer Lawrence is given a lot of screen time and it is a very good thing. Jennifer Lawrence’s performances always surprise me due to her ability to morph into the character she is playing. Last month I was watching Jennifer in Mockingjay, but as soon as Joy started I completely forgot about her past character. The character Joy is really the root of the film.
  2. David O. Russell has an interesting style for his films. This film was framed similarly to O. Russell’s film American Hustle, which are both a little different from Silver Linings Playbook‘s framework. Joy is set up through different moments that bounce around a timeline. The story does not go in order, but I think it was still easy to understand. O. Russell also likes to combine humor with drama instead of straight drama. Personally I think some moments were unnecessary and a little silly, but just like American Hustle I was really enjoying the film by the end. My favorite thing about David O. Russell’s films is the number of characters he puts into his film. Joy is filled with great character and great acting.
  3. The film is based on the true story of inventor and businesswoman Joy Mangano and follows her failures and successes. It is an inspiring film and focuses on a determined and hard working woman.


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