The Morton Arboretum Illumination: Tree Lights


Although I live close to The Morton Arboretum, it has taken me years to actually take the trip to visit the lovely nature preserve. I am especially glad that my first trip was for their Illumination display.

Things to Know About The Morton Arboretum Illumination: Tree Lights:

  • The Morton Arboretum is a nature preserve that includes paths, gardens, and a vast collection of trees, and is located in Lisle, Illinois(about 40 minutes west of Chicago, Illinois).
  • From about the last two weeks in November to the last week in December/first week in January the Morton Arboretum sets up a magnificent light display called the Illumination: Tree Lights.
  • The lights display is all outside(except for the gift shop) as the arboretum’s vast amount of trees are turned into a light show that responds to touch and motion, that follow along to holiday music, that uses buttons and turn dials, and even respond to your voice. The entire display is very interactive.
  • I was lucky enough to choose a perfect night to visit the display, but since it is outside during the Chicago winter season, I would be over prepared for the weather(both temperature and precipitation).
  • The Morton Arboretum Illumination: Tree Lights opens at 5pm, the last chance to enter is at 8:30pm, and the display closes at 9:30pm.
  • The walk through the display was a lot longer than I expected as we were there for about an hour and a half, so be prepared to be walking and on your feet for a solid amount of time.
  • Overall I was really impressed with the display. The ticket price currently varies between $6-$20(depending on age, date, and if you are a member of the arboretum). I felt that the display was worth the price and I would suggest buying tickets ahead of time as it gets more crowded as you get closer to Christmas.


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